WCRU INC, in partnership with UGPAY GROUP AG, LAUNCHED A GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT in the field of digital and blockchain technologies WCRU INC BVI and UGPAY GROUP AG are companies that jointly realize opportunities related to digital and blockchain technologies in 20 sectors of economic development
Goals of UGPay Group AG
1 UGPay Group AG promotes the ability to access WCRU tokens
2 WCRU INC sets itself the goal of developing high-tech and highly profitable companies in accordance with the NEEW concept.
Mission of WCRU INC and UGPay Group AG UGPay Group AG - a new round of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW)

We set ourselves the goal of giving Mankind the opportunity to choose energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and industries that are designed to become the beginning of a new economy and bring peace, health, prosperity and wealth to planet Earth. We will develop various sectors of the economy in various regions of the world, thereby improving the economic situation in these regions and improving the well-being of people. Thanks to the introduction of blockchain technology, we are creating a new environmentally friendly, safe and highly profitable economic environment, where the products of companies and their active consumers are within a single ecosystem.


Benefits of the NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) global ecosystem
NEEW Ecosystem Tokens

Brings the NEEW ecosystem tokens to the market with full functionality of trading, exchange and withdrawal to fiat through a crypto-fiat gateway. All tokens are backed by real tokenomics.

High demand for tokens

There is an increased interest in the tokens of the NEEW ecosystem even before entering the exchanges.

Optimal set of tokens

UNTB blockchain technical tokens, CRU tokens, which are in high demand among the business community for creating business accounts and native tokens on the blockchain platform, as well as WCRU tokens, allow you to take full advantage of the NEEW ecosystem.

Transparent scheme

The company, registered in Switzerland, provides users with the maximum set of legal guarantees and a transparent taxation scheme.

Cryptounit blockchain

WCRU INC has developed its own blockchain, which makes it possible to:

  • participate in the development of the blockchain for production teams;
  • business development on the blockchain;
  • creation and development of own NFT tokens and DeFi solutions:
  • as well as the ability to issue security tokens with competent legal support.
Optimum Opportunities

UGPay Group AG offers working tools for managing its own assets, as well as access to projects of companies that are part of the NEEW ecosystem.

What you should know about UGPay Group AG
UGPay Group AG finances a pool of projects in various sectors of the economy. WCRU token is a digital share (security token) of the company
UGPay Group AG is registered in Zug (Switzerland) and registered with the SEC.
UGPay Group AG gives you the opportunity to become a co-owner of a global investment portfolio, which today has an independent valuation of more than $1 billion, and includes over 20 business sectors in the investment market.
Key areas of the investment portfolio
Gold mining
Innovative transport
Basalt fiber production
Production of artificial diamonds
Stocks, bonds, assets
Film industry
Cryptocurrency markets
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Philosophy of NEEW
The New Economic Evolution of the World, or NEEW, is a progressive and unique movement whose mission is social cohesion and support for all people, the global distribution of wealth and resources, helping others and creating a legacy of posterity, while paving the way for the benefit of future generations and civilizations. NEEW is based on the participation of each person as a consumer, promoter, entrepreneur and co-owner of companies whose products and services they use in their lives. NEEW is designed to help people around the world become co-owners, stakeholders and shareholders of the most profitable enterprises and companies on the planet by creating a single global corporation in which each person actively participates in the expansion and sustainability of the corporation. Active participation in increasing profitability and redistribution of profits, as well as issues of social development aimed at creating a high level of consciousness in society. This will provide an opportunity for society to embark on an entirely new path of development, driven by the collective consciousness, which will bring ever greater prosperity, wealth, usefulness, longevity and health to the planet and all people on it. This way, a society of educated and empowered people is being created, free from financial stress, political and economic upheaval and fear of the uncertainty of tomorrow. As Chairman of the Investment Council of the International Public Association "Worlds Generals - for Peace", I want to emphasize that our goal is to change the economic model and ensure equal distribution of benefits at the global level.
Andrey Khovratov Founder of UGPay Group AG
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4 types of income. More about NEEW ecosystem tokens

All tokens are backed by tokenomics, which makes it possible to be a co-owner of companies included in the NEEW ecosystem

Learn more about tokens

Placing WCRU tokens on a crypto wallet to receive a reward in the form of UNTB.
UNTB is a technical token that gives access to network resources such as RAM, CPU and or NET speed.

Loyalty program bonus

5% of the total token sales is accrued monthly.
This type of income was only available until October 2021.


It is credited monthly to the owners of WCRU in proportion to the number of tokens from the profit that the company receives from any of its businesses in any of the investment sectors.

WCRU shares

The portfolio’s appraised value is skyrocketing, giving rise to the price of each WCRU digital share.

Andrey Khovratov Founder of UGPay Group AG
For over 20 years I have been studying human personal development and creating universal transformational and interactive trainings.
Multidisciplinary professional investor
Consultant in conserving, multiplying and managing private capital.
Leading motivational speaker
International Assembly of Multilevel entrepreneurs.
Author, Founder and CEO
Consultant in conserving, multiplying and managing private capital.
President of the Partner Network
A client network of over 1 400 000 people from 189 countries of the world has been created in the NEEW group of companies.
Creator of the "Cryptounit" program
CEO of Cryptounit inc.
The best business coach
On financial and investment personal development of 2018.
Master of "Network Business Management"
The best business coach nominated in the "Golden Pen" nomination by the international edition Network news in 2004.
Chairman of the Investment Board
of the International Public Association "Worlds Generals - for Peace".
Awarded medals
Order of "Business Glory" and "Businessman of the Year" in 2018 based on statistical reports of the Federal Statistical Service of Russia.
About Me In my rules of Wealth, I say that it is very important to strive for the harmonious development of your personality. This means health, relationships, and purpose - it is important to love your Soul and your Body. That's why I devote a lot of attention and a lot of time to my hobbies. I sincerely consider my activity - my destiny, so I can safely say that my work is my hobby. I help people realize their dreams, teach financial literacy, travel, play tennis and do freediving with the same degree of passion. It is very important for me to live in a society of the self-sufficient, strong and successful. That is why for many years I have been creating a society of progressive people who can become co-owners and shareholders of the most profitable enterprises on the planet through the CryptoUnit and NEEW programs.